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About Us

Chairman: Mr John C A Clarke MA MEd BA PGCE

The Northern Ireland Dyslexia Association was formed over 25 years ago to provide help and information for dyslexic people and their families. Included amongst its aims are:
  • to secure recognition of Dyslexia as a disability
  • to encourage local government to provide properly trained teachers for dyslexic children
  • to advise and support parents, teachers and dyslexic adults
  • to raise awareness
  • to explore ways and means of overcoming the difficulties created by Dyslexia
NIDA organises seminars, short courses and meetings for parents and teachers covering a wide range of topics and interests. Parents receive advice and support in negotiations with Education and Library Board Officers. We have lobbied successive Ministers of Education and continue to bring the plight of dyslexic children to the notice of Education and Library Boards and other relevant bodies.

In 1991, the RSA Diploma and Certificate courses for Teachers of Pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties were established by Mr John Clarke, our present Chairman. With Mr Clarke as Course Tutor, these courses have been presented each year since then. NIDA, committed to increasing the number of specialist teachers in the Province, has provided financial and moral support from the outset.

We draw our membership from across the province and enquiries are welcomed at our address above. Meetings are held monthly in Belfast, with others at different venues. These meetings are, of course, open to all people concerned about dyslexic learners.

NIDA was one of the founder members of the umbrella organisation, the British Dyslexia Association and has full access to their advice and support facilities. The BDA also provides up-to-date information on a wide range of current issues. NIDA members receive regular editions of the BDA Journal, 'Contact'. Our Chairman and Treasurer represent Northern Ireland on the BDA Council and our representatives attend conferences and courses in other parts of the UK from time to time.

Membership of the Association is offered at 30 per year. Click here for an application form. Close new window to return.