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Recommended Software

Literacy Software

WORDSHARK 2L. PC approx 70+VAT. Demo disk available. The most useful words from all the lists in teaching scheme Alpha to Omega and National Literacy word lists. Excellent quality speech. Lists can be modified or own words entered. Many alphabet, reading, spelling and sentence activities with difficulty and speed levels in 27 games. White Space Ltd. Tel/Fax: 020 8748 5927 E-mail: sales@wordshark.co.uk Web: www.wordshark.co.uk

Xavier range of software for Acorn and 4 titles for PC. Approx 36.50+VAT. KS1-3. Different programs with interesting variety for reading and spelling of each level of phonics, based on the Bangor Dyslexia Unit teaching scheme. Excellent speech. Some of the programs have three ways of reinforcing the words. Xavier Software. Tel: 01248 382 616 Fax: 01248 382 599 E-mail: xavier@bangor.ac.uk Web:http://xavier.bangor.ac.uk

STARSPELL 2001. PC. 59+VAT. KS1-4 and adults. The classic 'Look, (Hear & Say) Cover, Write and Check' routine with two other activities. After practising, a good option is to hear the word without seeing it. Good phonic lists, onset and rime, National Literacy Hour words and subject curriculum vocabulary, and context sentences which can be heard. Your own words can be entered. Excellent speech and all words in sentence context. Worksheets can be printed from screen. Fisher-Marriott. Tel: 01394 387 050 Fax: 01394 380 064 E-mail: enquiries@fishermarriott.com Web: www.fishermarriott.com

GAMZ PLAYER PC. 50+VAT. Key Stages 2,3,4. A computerised version of their 28 card games, with a good handbook, quick user guide and other activities. You can customise the sets and enter your own words. Gamz. Tel/Fax: 01684 562 158 E-mail: enquiry@gamzuk.com Web: www.gamzuk.com

Numeracy Software

Numbershark. PC. approx. 60. KS1-3. Numbershark is by the makers of Wordshark and has the same type of colourful, fun graphics in structured learning tasks and a similar range of enjoyable reward games. It covers number recognition and sorting and the four main rules of number, i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The actual numbers are represented in the games, as words, in a numberline, as rods, in digits, on an abacus, in a scale, and on a numberpad, which provides variety.
Study of the manual by the supervising adult is essential as there are so many options. It is important to choose useful levels and to work through the teaching and practice activities as well as applying them in the games. White Space Ltd. demo disk available. Tel/Fax: 020 8748 5927. E-mail:sales@wordshark.co.uk Web: http://www.wordshark.co.uk/

This is only the software that WE use and recommend. There are many other good programs which are available. The BDA has a more extensive list on their website. BDA